Establishing a Fair and Impartial Legal Landscape for All

Honorable Brittanye Morris, an expert and licensed attorney and Judge for the 333rd District Court of Harris County, Texas, is running once again for Judge. She has devoted her legal career to public service, working with organizations such as the Office of the Attorney General, Aldine Independent School District, and several private law firms.

Brittanye is committed to using her career as a platform for delivering justice and standing up for the voiceless. By running for Judge again, she strives to ensure everyone has access to fair trials, a respectful judicial process, an impartial legal system, and quality legal representation, regardless of their background or financial situation.

Brittanye further believes that everyone deserves the same opportunity for justice and fairness, regardless of race, gender, religion, or socio-economic background. She is dedicated to promoting diversity on the bench by working to reduce bias and ensure that all voices are heard and respected. She is a vocal advocate for those historically denied access to justice, including immigrants, people of color, and more.

Tune in, Develop a Plan of Action, and Put it Into Practice

It is essential for a Judge to have an understanding of the law and to be capable of its application. Brittanye has spent years developing her knowledge on the subject and is confident she can provide quality legal services for all who come before her bench.

Brittanye understands that successful project execution requires an attentive ear and a thorough plan. She takes care to consider every possible solution, knowing unforeseen issues could arise at any time. Her job isn’t done until she’s accomplished what was asked of her, so speed and accuracy are essential elements in each step of the process. With the ultimate satisfaction in mind, she works quickly and precisely with each case she handles- never accepting anything less than excellence as her result!

Juris Doctorate from Texas Southern University

Brittanye Morris obtained her Juris Doctorate from the distinguished Thurgood Marshall School of Law at Texas Southern University. During her time at Texas Southern, she was presented with the honor of representing the school at various legal conferences and events.

Bachelor of Arts from the University Of Houston

Brittanye Morris received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from University of Houston. While at the University of Houston, Brittanye served as a student government representative and actively participated in several service organizations.

Attended Klein Forest High School

Brittanye Morris graduated from Klein Forest High School in Houston, Texas. During her time there, she excelled academically and athletically while participating on the debate team and cheering squad.


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Brittanye Morris zealously exemplifies a dedication to public service with her election as the 333rd District Court Judge in Harris County, Texas. Upon winning the election by the people of Harris county on November 3, 2020, she officially began her term of office and assumed this role on January 1, 2021. She has been actively campaigning for a re-election for another term in 2023 – demonstrating true dedication to justice within our community. She has worked with prestigious institutions such as The Office of Attorney General and Aldine Independent School District throughout her career in law.

Hailing from Houston, Brittanye’s parents modeled exceptional examples of public service and community engagement. Her mother, an educator, helped sharpen Brittanye’s understanding of the value of giving back to others; her father was a retired lieutenant with the Houston Police Department who taught his daughter about making positive changes for those around her.

Brittanye is an exemplary role model of dedication and hard work, having achieved a remarkable feat: graduating high school in three years while participating in the cheerleading squad and debate team. Following her hard work and dedication, Brittanye received admission to the University of Houston’s Political Science program with honors.

Upon recognizing her superior potential as an advocate, she moved on to Thurgood Marshall School of Law – a well-respected institution known for educating some of Texas’ best lawyers and judges. She was presented with an extraordinary honor during that time: representing their alma mater!

She is re-running for Judge in Harris County, eager to share her years of expertise and commitment with the court. If elected again, she will bring a new outlook to the courtroom and guarantee that every individual is treated fairly.

To ensure our courtroom justice system is more equitably accessible to all, Brittanye stepped forward in 2019 as a candidate for Judge. She experienced firsthand the lack of attention many litigants are given due to their status or wage level. Those same people have been wrongfully overlooked by elected judges they trusted to represent them fairly. She was determined to make substantial progress on this matter, using her candidacy to honor the right individuals from being forced into unfair decisions in the courtroom.

Brittanye has a long-standing commitment to improving the lives of citizens, championing efforts toward making legal services more accessible for those who seek them. As a judge, she ensures equal and fair representation for all in her court, regardless of their socio-economic or racial backgrounds.

She is also a firm believer in alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation, allowing parties to resolve conflict outside of traditional litigation channels. Brittanye is committed to embodying the standards of equity, openness, and authenticity in her courtroom for any individual who stands before it. She understands that working together will ensure everyone can realize justice.

Vote for Brittanye Morris, JD – the Right Choice!

Brittanye Morris, JD, earned her license to practice law and, since January 2021, has served as a Judge in Harris County. During her tenure as a judge, she has made it her mission to be a shining example of the judicial system in the county.

Her combination of legal expertise and dedication to public service has earned her recognition throughout the county. She provides care and justice in many cases with insightfulness into their consequences. As such, Judge Morris stands out among other judges as an exceptional leader who delivers sound decisions that benefit our community.

Brittanye’s commitment to protecting citizens’ rights and upholding the highest standards in law has been steadfast since she was elected Judge of Harris County. As the Harris County election 2023 season begins, it is essential to reflect on why Brittanye should be re-elected. Throughout her tenure as a Judge, she has consistently demonstrated a fortitude for justice and respect for people’s rights. Brittanye grasps how effective public service can be; since taking office in 2021, she has worked diligently to ensure everyone’s voice is heard and respected while feeling secure from harm.

By voting for Brittanye Morris this election season, you can rest assured that your voice will be heard by someone who understands how essential it is for justice to be served fairly and honestly. Your vote shows that you believe in what she stands for – trustworthiness, integrity, and fairness – which are core values for any Harris County court system judge. Re-electing Brittanye ensures that our community has access to quality legal representation without prejudice or judgment – something we can all agree is essential!

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