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Brittanye Morris: Attorney at Law


Brittanye’s decision to run for Judge is guided by one main principle: justice for all. She strives to ensure everyone is treated fairly and respectfully, regardless of background or status.

A Rising Star in the Legal Community
With a solid legal foundation in civil law and an in-depth understanding of the justice system, Brittanye is confident she can bring her unique perspective to the bench. She aims to use her knowledge to advocate for the most vulnerable populations and ensure all individuals receive the justice they deserve.

Dedication to Justice: Meet Brittanye

Brittanye Morris zealously exemplifies a dedication to public service with her election as the 333rd District Court Judge in Harris County, Texas. Upon winning the election by the people of Harris county on November 3, 2020, she officially began her term of office and assumed this role on January 1, 2021. She has been actively campaigning for a re-election for another term in 2023 – demonstrating true dedication to justice within our community. She has worked with prestigious institutions such as The Office of Attorney General and Aldine Independent School District throughout her career in law.

Hailing from Houston, Brittanye’s parents modeled exceptional examples of public service and community engagement. Her mother, an educator, helped sharpen Brittanye’s understanding of the value of giving back to others; her father was a retired lieutenant with the Houston Police Department who taught his daughter about making positive changes for those around her.

Juris Doctorate from Texas Southern University

Brittanye Morris obtained her Juris Doctorate from the distinguished Thurgood Marshall School of Law at Texas Southern University. During her time at Texas Southern, she was presented with the honor of representing the school at various legal conferences and events.

Bachelor of Arts from the University Of Houston

Brittanye Morris received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from University of Houston. While at the University of Houston, Brittanye served as a student government representative and actively participated in several service organizations.

Klein Forest High School

Brittanye Morris graduated from Klein Forest High School in Houston, Texas. During her time there, she excelled academically and athletically while participating on the debate team and cheering squad.


Vote for Brittanye Morris, JD - the Right Choice!

Brittanye Morris, JD, earned her license to practice law and, since January 2021, has served as a Judge in Harris County. During her tenure as a judge, she has made it her mission to be a shining example of the judicial system in the county.

Her combination of legal expertise and dedication to public service has earned her recognition throughout the county. She provides care and justice in many cases with insightfulness into their consequences. As such, Judge Morris stands out among other judges as an exceptional leader who delivers sound decisions that benefit our community.

Keeping Up with Brittanye

Take a look into the life of Brittanye. Here you will find recent posts about her work in the legal field, her campaign, and her progress toward the 2023 election. You will also find information on modern law, issues surrounding the legal system, as well as her opinion on how to make positive changes for those affected.

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Beast creature days. Take a look into the life of Brittanye. Here you will find recent posts about her ...


Brittanye’s legal practice has been primarily focused on litigating in courtrooms across the Houston area. She has a strong knowledge of legal procedures and is eager to answer any questions regarding the election campaign.

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