Exceptional Compassionate for Houston Clients

To ensure our courtroom justice system is more equitably accessible to all, Brittanye stepped forward in 2019 as a candidate for Judge. She experienced firsthand the lack of attention many litigants are given due to their status or wage level. Those same people have been wrongfully overlooked by elected judges they trusted to represent them fairly. She was determined to make substantial progress on this matter, using her candidacy to honor the right individuals from being forced into unfair decisions in the courtroom.

Brittanye has a long-standing commitment to improving the lives of citizens, championing efforts toward making legal services more accessible for those who seek them. As a judge, she ensures equal and fair representation for all in her court, regardless of their socio-economic or racial backgrounds.

She is also a firm believer in alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation, allowing parties to resolve conflict outside of traditional litigation channels. Brittanye is committed to embodying the standards of equity, openness, and authenticity in her courtroom for any individual who stands before it. She understands that working together will ensure everyone can realize justice.